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  • Pigment applicator for applying mirror Chrome powder. It allows you to spread the powder evenly and precisely on gel or top coat without dispersion layer, and then gently rub it until you get perfect surface.

    4,41 € 4,90 € -10%
  • High quality Top Gel Dry gives the final shine effect on Your nails, comfortable to use with the brush from the bottle. Features: very elastic no dispersive layer thin gel’s consistency long lasting excellent gloss effect cures in UV and LED lamps The layer is elastic and won't break. Top Gel Dry doesn't leave a sticky layer, so you don't need to wipe...

    19,90 €
  • Gel polish has an a wonderful coverage and shine, good adhesion, is elastic, softens off in Acetone in just 3 minutes or in Soak Off Remover. It is suitable for applying on natural nails, as well as artifical nails. Before usage roll the bottle in your palms. Gel polish cures in UV lamp in 2 minutes and in LED lamp in 30-60 seconds (depending on the lamp...

    5,40 €

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