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  • Thin and clear gel polish Base is recommended to apply under the gel polishes, it makes nail stylizations more durable. Unique formula of a thin and clear gel result in better adhesion to the nail plate. Moreover, it whitens the nail plate, which may look unaesthetical after wearing dark-colored nail polishes.  Softens off in Acetone in just 3 minutes or...

    6,40 €
  • Thin and clear Gel Polish Top is recommended to apply on gel polish. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients protection of a color is stronger. It prevents the color of gel polish from fading and tarnishing. So nails are not only more glossy, but also firmer. Softens off in Acetone in just 3 minutes or in Soak Off Remover. Gel polish Base cures in UV...

    6,40 €
  • Base Rock is a colorless base coat used under gel polishes characterized by maximum adhesion to the nail plate. Carefully selected ingredients provide perfect adhesion, thus the products can be used as a base coat under hybrid nail polishes and for nail extensions. Medium thick consistency enables comfortable work: Base Rock doesn’t overflow on cuticles...

    6,40 €

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