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Viimaste aastatega on geelide valik tohutult laienenud. Seetõttu püüame teilegi pakkuda erinevaid geele, mille hulgast leiaks iga küünetehnik endale sobivad tooted. Olgu selleks siis ehitusgeelid, värvilised geelid, läikegeelid, prantsuse geelid, värvimuutvad geelid, geellakid või geelitarvikud.

  • Builder gels
  • Camouflage Gels

    Camouflage Ges have unique color close to natural nail plate. Recommended to cover nail imperfections (mechanical injuries) or short nail extention (nail biting).

  • Finish Gels
  • French Gels

    French White and Natural Gels for creation of stylish French Manicure

  • Color Gels

    We offer wide range of color gels with a very competitive prices. You can choose form over 110 different color, including Neon, Metallic, Pastel, Glow in Dark and Diamond color gels.

    "Chic" collection includes our most chic and highest quality color gels.

  • Gel Polishes
  • Gel Accessories

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