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Hybrid Top, Hema Free, 7g
Hybrid Top, Hema Free, 7g

Hybrid Top, Hema Free, 7g

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Hybrid Top, Hema Free is a no-wipe top coat with a high gloss for sensitive nails. Active ingredients and natural oils provide regenerating properties, whereas the hypoallergenic formulation without HEMA will let you enjoy a durable manicure, without making you worry about your sensitive nail plate.

The product is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting high gloss effect. It prevents the color of gel polish from fading and tarnishing. So nails are not only more glossy, but also firmer. Hybrid Top, Hema Free is recommended to apply on hybrid gel / gel polish

Apply a layer of Hybrid Top with a brush to the nail plate and cure in UV lamp for about 2 minutes, or cure in UV-LED or LED lamp with minimum power of 36 W for minimum 30 seconds.Top coat does not need to be wiped with a cleaner.

The product is in compact 7g bottle that is sutiable to use at home or take with you on a travel. Spend less and have more colors!

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